These Three Words: Measure. First. Always.

Getting a product from the pipeline to the patient is a complex journey that can be derailed when life sciences companies use insufficient key performance indicators (KPIs). In other words, when they’re carefully aligned with …Continue

Global Brands Find Success by Going ‘Glocal’

To compete and win, especially on a global scale, retailers must harmonize brand messaging across all shopper channels and communicate with their consumers at the retail shelf, while continually meeting ever-changing consumer demands. They must …Continue

Simplicity by the Numbers

Here at BLUE, we’re all about simplicity. Whether it’s streamlining the label approval process across departments using our Online Proofing software module or easily navigating through our Digital Asset Manager to identify the final, approved …Continue

From Concept to Reality: Digital Twins

Not so long ago, product packaging was largely an afterthought for most manufacturers, but as our conversations with customers illustrate, the most successful companies today are those that rank packaging innovations among their top business …Continue