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Fortify your Label and Artwork Management with these Four Ingredients

By BLUE Software

The results are in: niche players are establishing a significant foothold in the CPG market.  In fact, according to PwC, “Small players – those with annual sales of less than $1 billion – are outperforming the competition in 18 of the top 25 categories, including the largest and most consolidated, such as dairy, bakery, snacks, and ready meals.”1  Research indicates consumers prefer these small brands because they offer authenticity, connect to local growers, promise healthy ingredients, or tell a quirky story.  And how are these brands delivering this message?

Via the label.

This means that in order to compete, and win, it’s time to fortify your approach to label and artwork management.  To make an impact in this environment, the recipe calls for your packaging both on the shelf and online to deliver modern messages and accurate product information.

BLUE has the ingredients you need:

Artwork Workflow Management allows you to assign label and artwork project tasks to marketing and creative teams, monitor your label and artwork project’s status, and measure your efficiency.  No more tracking down approvals and scheduling status meetings, because you finally have an easy way to automate the entire project lifecycle (including reviews and approvals) across your project team, no matter where they are.

Online Proofing software enables your team to view, compare, annotate, comment, and approve or reject digital assets (print, video, and online) in one location.  Eliminate version confusion, endless email threads, and hard copies of your label and artwork assets lying around the office.  Now your team can simultaneously proof online, and in real time, while creating an auditable trail of feedback.

Digital Asset Manager is essential for quickly finding label and artwork assets such as images, videos, and creative files in the format you need, no matter where you are.  Say good-bye to time wasted organizing or searching for label and artwork assets.  Instead, easily store and access final artwork assets, making sure the right message gets to the right audience every time.

Business Intelligence with artwork management analytics is a valuable tool for understanding the strengths and weaknesses in your label and artwork process.  Good decisions are based on fact, not hunches, so take the guesswork out of your results and leverage real data and analytics to measure KPIs, identify trends, flag exceptions, and ultimately improve performance.

BLUE offers each of these modules individually or as part of an end-to-end solution to empower you to create labels and artwork that can capture your customers’ interest, offer desired information, ensure a purchase is made, and bring them back to either the physical or virtual shelf.

Download Validation and Operational Maintenance in Package Design Technology
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