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Go Beyond the Basics: Advanced Tips and Tricks for BLUE Label and Artwork Management Users

By BLUE Software

You know keeping label and artwork management processes on track is essential to achieving your product’s speed-to-market metrics, and yet this is often easier said than done. Without online proofing software, reviewing and approving a product’s label and artwork content can be a tedious routine, fraught with multiple status meetings and feedback loops that ultimately cause delays.

The good news? You’ve already got a head start, because you’re using BLUE’s Label and Artwork Management solution.

The better news? We’ve created an e-book to take your Label and Artwork Management game to the next level. In this new how-to guide, we’ll explore advanced tips and tricks you can use to work even smarter in the BLUE Online Proofing software module and stay ahead of your label and artwork project milestones. Learn how to:

  • Quickly maneuver through pages and files
  • View pages in a grid or filmstrip format
  • Easily see annotation counts and document approval icons
  • Pre-set zoom levels

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