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Accelerate and simplify the time to value of your Label and Artwork Management software investment.

BLUE Software makes it possible for marketing, retail, consumer brands, and life sciences companies of varying sizes and complexity to select and configure Label and Artwork Management (LAM) technology in the cloud.  Easy to buy, implement, use, and upgrade, BLUE’s SaaS-based application helps clients maximize the full potential of a Label and Artwork Management solution while easily scaling to meet emerging business and technology needs.

BLUE is a turnkey technology solution, immediately enabling workflows to create, proof, store, and deploy label and artwork assets.  BLUE drives significant value across the enterprise by improving KPIs and reducing IT complexity.

Companies can connect their people, processes, and third parties with BLUE, increasing efficiency and visibility in their label and artwork management process.
With BLUE, companies can easily access, share, and leverage approved label and artwork assets in real time.
With a growing community of thousands of users from well-recognized global brands, BLUE knows how to scale.  We’re continuously adding new functionality to meet our clients’ changing needs, and upgrades happen automatically.
BLUE continuously monitors and scrutinizes our SaaS solution, making it more secure than stand-alone, installed systems.
From design to market, BLUE helps teams worldwide collaborate in real time on the creation and deployment of label and artwork assets, improving speed to market and generating cost savings.