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Consumer Brands

Today, consumer brands face stiff competition from retailers building powerful national brands.  A competitive edge can be found in the brand label and packaging process.

A trusted partner in Label and Artwork Management for more than 20 years, BLUE helps our consumer brand clients deliver a compelling, consistent brand experience across consumer touch points worldwide.

  • Eliminate unnecessary asset recreation
  • Decrease search time
  • Enable efficient XML-based copy management and artwork creation with extremely tight tolerances
  • Organize and protect official versions
  • Foster systematic, collaborative proofing
  • Positively impact timelines, stage-gates, and deadlines
  • Quickly coordinate input from disparate divisions and locations
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Decrease the number of approval cycles
  • Store full audit trails of all project activity
  • Easily retrieve and export version history and assets
  • Complete workflow analysis and process consulting
  • Seamless integration with Bill of Materials and Product Lifecycle Management systems to support the entire graphics-related workflow
  • Available on-site services for workflow optimization and brand asset management
9 out of 10
most chosen CPG brands
use BLUE
Improve cycle times
by 80%
Reduce artwork search time
by 90%
Measurable ROI Benefits
  • Increase speed-to market
  • Increase “right first time"
  • Improve effciency in artwork and label review and approval process
  • Reduce number of proof cycles
  • Eliminate repackaging and recalls
Technical Features
  • Best-in-class technology: cloud, private cloud
  • Extensive documentation
  • Strong API: comprehensive integration capabilities
  • HTML5: works on any device, including mobile
  • High security, scalable performance, redundancy and failover
Proven Experience
  • 20+ years of global technology and customer success
  • Process and workflow leadership in managing complexity, global brands, and artwork and label management of millions of SKUs
  • Trusted leader in brand graphics and premedia industry
  • Rapid response times
  • Renowned partnership network

BLUE’s technology and expertise can save a brand with 5,000 asset pieces at least $2 million a year, and our consumer brand clients achieve ROI in the first 12 months. Whether you require a single-country deployment or a global implementation, BLUE is scalable, reliable, and capable of meeting the exacting demands of consumer brand organizations.

BLUE Software helps consumer brands improve speed to market.

Labeling Professionals

Ensure your packaging is right the first time, so it gets to market on time.


Marketing Innovators

Sell more products and increase revenue while preserving your brand’s integrity.


Regulatory Leaders

Eliminate recalls and audits.



Ensure high quality, compliant product information reaches your customers.


IT Experts

Maintain data security and ensure data compliance.