Ensuring Partners Get the Picture (Efficiently)

For manufacturers who are currently engaged in, or about to start the agency selection process, it’s wise to make adoption of Label and Artwork Management technology a key consideration; not doing so leaves a lot of dollars and wasted opportunity on the table. In this e-book, Ensuring Partners Get the Picture (Efficiently), you’ll learn how to make Label and Artwork Management technology a core part of your agency requirements. Download the e-book today.

Boost the Bottom Line by Streamlining Package Design

If your bottom line is being affected by recalls, compliance violations, difficulties meeting the demands of selling across markets, delays in products going to market, or the rising requirements of e-commerce, your package design process could be to blame. In this e-book, Boost the Bottom Line by Streamlining Package Design, you’ll learn how the four key elements of Label and Artwork Management systems improve the package design process and have a positive impact on the bottom line:

  • Workflow Management: Reduce overall management time by up to 75%
  • Online Proofing: Increase “right first time” artwork by up to 70%
  • Digital Asset Manager: Decrease asset search time by up to 90%
  • Business Intelligence: Improve production performance through continuous process improvements

Cut costs through increased efficiency and problem avoidance. Download the e-book today.

How to Leverage the Top Two Trends in Private Label Food and Beverage

Private labels are seemingly everywhere, and for good reason: they’re popular – so much so that some large retailers have reported private label accounts for as much as 50% of their business. What accounts for the big numbers? To a great extent, private labels have been able to gain a foothold and grow their market share by practicing the same tenets to which national brands have pledged allegiance for years. Two of the big trends include: distinguish your brand position and drive innovation. To learn more about these trends and about how you can leverage them to scale your private label offerings, download our new e-book: How to Leverage the Top Two Trends in Private Label Food and Beverage.

Building A Business Case for Label and Artwork Management

Improving net earnings is directly linked to three activities: controlling costs, increasing productivity, and optimizing resources. One way to accomplish all three objectives is to implement a Label and Artwork Management solution, but to do so you will first need to build a business case. In this e-book from BLUE: Building a Business Case for Label and Artwork Management, you’ll learn how to build a business case that outlines the scope, goals, risks, and potential cost of your Label and Artwork Management solution. Download the e-book today.

Preparing for the New FDA Labeling Requirements

In 2016, the FDA finalized the Nutrition Facts and Supplement Facts Label and Serving Size final rules, making significant changes to the nutrition label on all packaged goods, including design alterations and updates to the information required. And the deadline for compliance is quickly approaching! To learn how you can conduct an audit of your operation and discover the best way to approach the nutrition label updates, download our new e-book: Preparing for the New FDA Labeling Requirements.

Mastering the Complexities of Artwork Versioning Control

One of the top three challenges life sciences companies are facing today is artwork versioning. How do you track versions in a “constant change” environment? How do you ensure localized versions are kept in sync with the masters? How do you manage overlapping regulatory requirements? How do you manage versions within versions? In our new e-book, Mastering the Complexities of Artwork Versioning Control, you’ll learn the six steps you can take to master these complexities today and make artwork versioning control easier. Download the e-book today.

Validation and Operational Maintenance in Package Design Technology

Convinced you need an Artwork Management solution but worried about managing validation and operational maintenance specific to package design? Help is here. Industry leader Peter Falcon, associate director – global quality assurance, IT quality, compliance and projects at Ferring Pharmaceuticals, in partnership with BLUE, has authored a NEW e-book: Validation and Operational Maintenance in Package Design Technology that identifies the most critical things to request from a potential Artwork Management technology partner, and the types of vendor qualities that can ensure preparedness when facing a regulatory audit. Download the e-book today.

Online Collaborative Proofing & Asset Management: Must-Haves for Marketing

When marketing teams add technology to their marketing stack, the most common types are seemingly a no-brainer: CRM, email marketing software, social media management tools, etc. But if you’re considering a project management solution, the unfortunate reality is that most project management software fails to meet the unique needs of marketing, because it isn’t designed to handle the diversity of creative projects. Download this e-book to discover the most critical, yet often overlooked capabilities from which you can benefit when you leverage a Marketing Project Management solution.

Your Creative Content on the Tightrope

Creative briefs are poorly written. Key reviewers delay feedback. Deadlines are compressed. Creative teams have fewer resources or a smaller number of staff. Let’s face it, your creative content’s path to market is a tightrope. The right tools can help you stay balanced. Download this article to discover how your marketing and communications teams can successfully walk the tightrope and deliver high quality creative content on a deadline.