Your Creative Content on the Tightrope

Creative briefs are poorly written. Key reviewers delay feedback. Deadlines are compressed. Creative teams have fewer resources or a smaller number of staff. Let’s face it, your creative content’s path to market is a tightrope. The right tools can help you stay balanced. Download this article to discover how your marketing and communications teams can successfully walk the tightrope and deliver high quality creative content on a deadline.

Eliminate Reactivity and Enable Creativity in Marketing

Getting creative content from concept to completion is a complex journey that can easily be derailed when creative teams use the wrong KPIs to measure their productivity. Learn what the right metrics are to eliminate these obstacles in your end-to-end creative process and ultimately make time for creativity in marketing.

Your Brand on the Tightrope

Label and Artwork Management stakeholders face unpredictable circumstances and grave risks. Their brands walk a wire on the path to market every day.

Advanced Labeling and Workflow Solutions for the Pharma Industry

Beginning with a single pharmaceutical client in 1998, BLUE Software began a journey that now serves 100,000 users, 12,000 brands, and 5,000 companies in 150 countries with its single integrated delivery platform.  Learn more about our labeling and workflow solutions.

The Essential Guide to Pharma Labeling Excellence

Great improvements are the result of great efforts. The articles and tools in this guide will help you focus on key activities for energizing transformation in your organization. Using the methods outlined here, you can lead meaningful change and achieve pharma labeling and artwork excellence.