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Make Collaboration your New Norm

By BLUE Software

Have you ever had really good seats to either a collegiate or professional soccer (football, for our non-U.S. audience) match? If you have, then you know just how much the players are talking to each other on the field. Pulling off a win is as much a communication exercise as it is a physical one. From calling out the position of their opponents to coordinating passes, through constant communication the players ensure they are moving as a cohesive offensive and/or defensive unit. They ensure they are collaborating.

To achieve this kind of collaboration in label and artwork management, you can’t just field a team and expect to pull off the win, so to speak. Collaboration usually doesn’t just happen. Why?  It seems today too many label and artwork stakeholders are distributed across the organization and left to their own devices to either hunt down label and artwork assets and/or chase approvals from their peers. Even worse, your label and artwork assets may be spread out across disconnected systems – spreadsheets, Outlook, Google docs, Word docs, PLMs, ERPs, and more.

To facilitate collaboration in label and artwork management, you must give your team a single platform on which to collaborate. Modern day online collaboration technology gives you this platform, and offers you the ability to leverage the input of many stakeholders on a given artwork project in real time.

This, of course, begs the question: why aren’t you using this online collaboration technology? Imagine the performance you could achieve if you had the power to easily review and route your label and artwork assets throughout your organization for real-time feedback from multiple stakeholders while gathering an auditable trail of comments. In sports speak, “players win games, but collaboration wins championships.”

Online collaboration in label and artwork management needs to be the new norm. By instituting a highly centralized and collaborative approach to label and artwork management, teams can share label and artwork assets both internally as well as externally with printers and agencies, and store final, approved artwork assets in one central location – which bolsters performance, decreases asset search time, and eliminates asset recreation.

Adopting label and artwork management software with an online proofing system provides an opportunity to crowd source everyone in the label and artwork ecosystem – marketing, compliance, and supply chain – and empowers each with up-to-date label and artwork assets and an accurate trail of comments from stakeholders. Even better, with features like text compare, deep zoom, and barcode checks, you can increase content quality and reduce your overall error rates. Case in point: we’ve seen a 70% increase in “right first time” as a result of getting everyone on the BLUE label and artwork management platform.

Scoring the winning point is just a click away. Connect label and artwork management processes, teams, and systems with BLUE.

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