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Cut a New Path to Label and Artwork Management Performance

By BLUE Software

For numerous organizations, the idea of efficient label and artwork operations sounds ideal, but seems nearly impossible. Many marketing, legal and supply chain teams are currently using too many disconnected and outdated tools and systems, resulting in a lack of organized artwork workflows. Unfortunately for most, without these streamlined workflows, critical label and artwork KPIs are missed.

And, as we know, performance is everything.

No matter what type of label you’re creating, you need to know whether you’re hitting your milestones and stage gates. You need to easily determine, for example, whether the key stakeholders executed their responsibilities – from proofing romance copy to verifying the ingredient list is accurate. You also need to monitor how close you are to hitting your ship date or other agreed upon KPIs. It’s a constant conversation and one that’s ultimately critical to your brand’s relationship with its customer.

However, given present day pressures to manage disparate resources, compress time to market, and also create a compelling “on the shelf” experience with the consumer, monitoring and reporting on label and artwork management performance is both challenging and time consuming. As a result, it’s easy for this metric to fall by the wayside and for operations to continue walking a well-worn path, no matter how sub-optimal that path might be.

Aligning label and artwork workflow data with performance data is what allows you to truly diagnose and correct any issues – but it’s no simple task. For example, while ship date variance might be easy to measure, without artwork workflow management and artwork management analytics tools in place, data regarding the process behind the ship date, such as artwork cycle times and artwork asset search time, is difficult to understand.

The Solution: BLUE Software

With the BLUE Workflow Management Module, you can empower stakeholders in creative, brand, and regulatory to monitor, manage, and execute their role in the label and artwork process. No matter how complex the artwork workflow, with BLUE Workflow Management you can set and modify project timelines, assign resources, coordinate approvals, and automate email notifications. Even better, you can oversee your project from end-to-end and identify your process bottlenecks – all in a single platform.

Then, with an organized artwork workflow in place, you can accurately assess how well it’s performing. This is where BLUE Software’s Business Intelligence Module comes into play. BLUE Business Intelligence provides unparalleled access to data across the entire label and artwork management process. You get information on-demand that is both accurate and up-to-date, providing actionable intelligence on any and all layers of label and artwork management to make more informed decisions and gain greater visibility across your company’s label and artwork “ecosystem.”

Cut a new path.  Gain the insight you need for label and artwork management performance optimization in the same software application where your label and artwork management planning and execution take place. To learn more about BLUE Workflow Management or BLUE Business Intelligence or request a demo, contact us today.

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