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Changing Lanes: Consumer Mindsets Drive Product Research from In-Store to Online

By BLUE Software

A significant change in consumer demand for products with specific attributes that meet individualized preferences is driving change throughout the food and beverage supply chain. Drivers of purchase behavior that were once considered niche are quickly becoming mainstream. These drivers include health and wellness, safety, social impact, experience, and transparency. In fact, in Deloitte’s recent study, “Capitalizing on the Shifting Consumer Value Equation,” 51% of consumers reported these drivers played not a minor, but a major role in their purchasing behaviors.

These same consumers also reported social media, mobile apps, and other digital sources are key components of their purchasing behaviors. They rely on these tools to give them visibility into, and information about, how a product aligns with their individual drivers. And in case you’re thinking this trend is isolated to the Millennial and Gen Z populations, think again. A study by Nielsen confirmed e-commerce usage is spread across most age groups, with Gen Z at 28%, Millennials at 30%, Gen X at 22% and Baby Boomers at 17%.

This immersion in the digital world fundamentally changes the way CPG companies deliver product and marketing content to their consumers. To meaningfully engage with their audience, companies will have to deliver contemporary messages and accurate product information through cutting edge, digital platforms.

This, of course, is where BLUE’s partnership with 1WorldSync adds value. BLUE’s advanced Label and Artwork Management solution stores the final, approved and audited digital file with all product information required for e-commerce, retailers, and customers alike. The 1WorldSync platform in turn pulls this product information from BLUE, and distributes it across all of the customers’ trading networks.

The end result? When a shopper scans a QR code on a package or searches for their product on Amazon, he or she is presented with up-to-date, accurate product images and information including item descriptions, nutritional information, ingredients, marketing claims, and warnings – maintaining consumer confidence and encouraging a purchase decision.

Check out our latest press release to learn more about BLUE’s partnership with 1WorldSync.

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