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Create Winning Routines for your Label and Artwork Management Strategy

By BLUE Software

Change, as they say, is constant. 2018 is certainly proof. From fluctuations in climates and currencies to changes in globalization and commoditization, one can simply read today’s headlines to bear witness to the rapid transformations taking place in the world.

Change is also evident in consumer buying behaviors. From retail… to CPG… to the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, consumers have never been more demanding, more health conscious, and more price-sensitive. To compete, and win, brands must harmonize their messaging across all shopper channels and communicate with their consumers at the retail shelf, while continually meeting ever-changing consumer demands. This dynamic is “game changing,” creating product portfolio complexity and incurring significant costs, particularly in the supply chain. In the words of one retail company stakeholder, “We introduce 1,200 new items a year. We re-design probably 5,000 items a year.” Adds a CPG industry strategist, “The advantages of scale have diminished.”

Despite this complex market landscape, a company can become a “super competitor” when it develops distinct capabilities that are both scalable and relevant.   In other words: companies that address changing consumer buying behaviors successfully institute winning routines that can be performed over and over again in a cost effective manner.

These companies often find winning routines in a SaaS-based Label and Artwork Management (LAM) solution, where project coordination, online collaboration, and artwork workflow management tools enable improvements such as transparency and visibility between all stakeholders.

Artwork workflow management functionality empowers stakeholders in creative, brand, and regulatory to monitor, manage, and execute their role in the label and artwork process. With date tracking, resource assignments, and approval coordination, label and artwork projects stay on track and on time.

Online proofing software allows multiple team members to simultaneously view, compare, and annotate artwork for print, video, and online deployments. Stakeholders quickly and efficiently review and route files while gathering an auditable trail of comments, improving turnaround time and reducing overall error rates.

Digital Asset Manager capabilities enable label and artwork teams to efficiently store, organize, manage, access, and distribute large numbers of digital assets. With fast access to accurate label and artwork content, companies improve the quality of brand communication and mitigate business risk.

Project management dashboards can harness the extensive data that exists in label and artwork management workflows and generate actionable reports. These reports in turn yield timely, insightful business decisions to continually improve production performance.

Identify your winning routines to tame new marketplace complexity and ensure world-class agility. Download BLUE’s white paper, “Your Brand on the Tightrope.”

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