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How Label and Artwork Management Can Bolster your Acquisition Strategy

By BLUE Software

Mergers and acquisitions are complicated. If you’ve ever participated in one, you know getting both companies on the same page can be both messy and time consuming. In many cases, there isn’t an adequate system in place to pave a smooth road for both companies to transition in a quick and efficient manner. This leaves you vulnerable to potential headaches and miscommunication, not to mention lost revenue. To avoid these pitfalls, you need to standardize label and artwork management processes for all new employees to follow.


Brand Harmonization

A critical part of the merger and acquisition process is brand harmonization. Keeping brand-wide consistency is understandably difficult when two companies and their employees merge, but fortunately, this otherwise complex task can be easily streamlined with a Label and Artwork Management solution that offers an enterprise-wide solution to synchronize and standardize label and artwork management workflows and a Digital Asset Manager to keep all of your assets organized in a centralized database.


Asset Aggregation

When you’re purchasing a company, you’re purchasing their packaging, artwork, logos, and assets, so it makes sense to have software in place that allows both entities to distribute assets company-wide. With a Digital Asset Manager, all employees can immediately access files from one central repository and begin collaborating efficiently.


Predictive Analytics

A Label and Artwork Management solution can provide you with a glimpse of what to expect in the months and years following the acquisition. Based on your historical data and process templates, it is easy to estimate, for example, how long it will take to implement mass labeling changes.


BLUE Software to Standardize Label and Artwork Management

One of the most dramatically growing Label and Artwork Management solutions on the market today is BLUE Software. BLUE gives you the ability to streamline the complicated tasks associated with the absorption of another company’s label and artwork management process. We’ve done exactly this for companies like Shire, Smuckers, Unilever, and more.

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