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Re-Fuel with Marketing Project Management Technology

By BLUE Software

Creative content is the fuel that drives your marketing vehicles: emails, web pages, white papers, blog posts, images, banner ads – to name only a few!  And those vehicles in turn drive audience engagement and revenue for your organization, so it makes absolute sense you want to refuel those vehicles as often as possible.

The problem, however, is that creative content comes at a high price: time.  It takes your creatives, marketers, agencies, freelancers, and project managers time to create those assets you hold so dear.  In fact, Content Marketing Institute’s 2017 B2C Benchmarks, Budgets and Trend report for North America confirmed while more than 70 percent of marketing teams planned to increase their volume of original content produced, more than half pointed to content creation as their biggest challenge.  Why?  End-to-end project delays occur for any number of reasons, but the most common include:

  • Poorly written creative briefs
  • A lack of feedback from key reviewers
  • Confusion about that specific feedback (refer to previous bullet point!)
  • Murky approval processes
  • Endless status meetings

What’s more, as your creative teams rush to meet deadlines despite the obstacles highlighted above, the quality of their work suffers.  And with each sub-par piece of content that’s released, so too does their pride of ownership.  Now, you have an employee engagement problem on your hands – time to call Human Resources!

Or… you could implement state-of-the-art Marketing Project Management technology.  While marketing and creative teams have specific, unique user requirements for any piece of technology, Marketing Project Management tools designed specifically to enable creatives to collaborate are available today and can integrate seamlessly into modern marketing processes.

For example, with Online Proofing functionality, multiple creatives, marketers, and project managers can come together from any location and on any device to interact with their creative content and their colleagues in real time, clarifying creative content direction and improving creativity itself.

And Workflow Management functionality allows teams to manage the marketing project lifespan in one seamless platform, avoiding hours of inefficiency running after approvals and keeping different content creators on the same page.

Companies that maximize the potential of their marketing teams and foster creativity effectively will be those that adopt this state of the art technology, ultimately refueling their marketing vehicles with high-octane content and driving the business results they want.  And you can be one of them!  Check out this video on BLUE’s Marketing Project Management technology today.

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