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BLUE Premier

    BLUE Premier is the ideal product for mid- to large size organizations and for those with validated environments seeking cost savings, improvements in on-time delivery, and reductions in cycle times. With BLUE Premier, you can simplify your processes to achieve record "right first time" and time to market metrics. The BLUE Premier package includes access to Workflow Management, Online Proofing, Digital Asset Manager and Business Intelligence for five users and unlimited artwork collaborators.

BLUE Workflow Management

Business optimization begins with workflow.  Use the graphical drag-and-drop workflow editor to easily build project templates without writing a line of code.  Assign tasks to users and groups, create swim lanes, receive automatic notifications, and effortlessly manage and track packaging projects across your organization.  Say goodbye to the days of relying on emails and spreadsheets to manage your products.  Learn more

BLUE Online Proofing

Centralize and consolidate feedback.  With BLUE Online Proofing, multiple team members can simultaneously view, compare and annotate assets for print, video and online deployments.  This advanced web-based suite of tools simplifies the complex process of artwork approval by keeping comments and change requests all in one place – and out of dozens of emails and hallway conversations.  Plus, BLUE Online Proofing is optimized to handle large files quickly.  Spend your time collaborating, not waiting for files to load.  Learn more

BLUE Digital Asset Manager

Always know where to find the latest version of your approved artwork.  Easily store, organize, share and route your artwork for approvals across your organization.  This is an easy-to-use, web-based file repository that supports all popular file formats (PDF, Illustrator, Word, video, etc.) and the entire structure and taxonomy of the system are fully configurable.  Plus, all changes are tracked and a full audit trail is accessible for accurate record keeping.  Learn more

BLUE Business Intelligence

Understand where you are.  BLUE Business Intelligence is a powerful suite of interactive reporting tools that provides new insight into your project cycles, tasks, usage and artwork status.  Data is updated in real time – because you care about what’s happening now, not then.  Learn more