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Why Marketing Project Management Tools Matter

By BLUE Software

Marketing Project Management Tools Enable your Marketing and Creativ Teams To Do Their Best Work

Question: How much better would your marketing assets be if you had a full set of marketing project management tools at your disposal?

Before you answer the question, let’s think through an analogy.

Imagine you are a world-renowned artist commissioned to create a painting of the beach (we’ll choose Oak Street Beach on Lake Michigan, since it’s in our backyard). Your client has offered to pay you a significant amount of money for your work, and you plan to spend a large amount of time on the project. You have your favorite paintbrushes, your easel, and your canvas, but when it comes to paint, you only have the color blue.  Yes, the color works perfectly for the water and the sky (it never rains in Chicago, right?), but how can you accurately portray the beach without swimmers, sand, sun, and the Oak Street Beach restaurant?

Obviously, we have nothing against the color blue.  We named an entire company after the hue!  But think of how limiting it would be to only have the color blue on your paint palette.  Even the most talented of artists would struggle to portray the visual landscape of Oak Street Beach with a single shade.

The lesson here is simple: tools matter.

The tools at a marketing or creative team’s disposal, much like the colors on an artist’s palette, have a direct impact on the level of creativity, insight, and performance that can be delivered.  These teams cannot be limited by poorly defined project requirements, conflicting feedback, and shifting priorities.  Nor can they be burdened by the inefficiencies of feedback and approval processes that are patched together – forcing projects to move forward and then retreat at an erratic pace.  These limitations are the equivalent of painting with only one color.

Fortunately, BLUE Marketing Project Management technology is more than one color.  (We know. It sounds confusing given our company name!)  But the reality is that BLUE Marketing Project Management technology is the multi-color palette that marketing and creative teams need. It’s the most robust Marketing Project Management tool on the market with key features and benefits, including:

Workflow Management

Like any other team, marketing and creative teams need visibility into projects in order to use their time efficiently. With BLUE Workflow Management, you can track a project throughout its lifespan and receive real-time alerts and notifications when it’s time to execute a task, including approvals.  A project’s progress becomes more transparent, allowing you to catch obstacles early and avoid missed deadlines.  In addition, managers can monitor alignment with priorities and allocate resources accordingly.

Online Proofing

BLUE Online Proofing allows all stakeholders to discuss creative assets online, in one location.  Comments from multiple stakeholders can be made directly on the creative file itself, and team members benefit from a record of feedback, so it’s easy to retrace steps when necessary.  Even better: creative content is immediately available for anyone to review online without having to export a PDF every time a change is made.  Gone are the days of routing files for approval via email or hard copy.

Digital Asset Manager

Creatives professionals’ output improves when they have immediate access to brand standard, approved artwork files.  With the BLUE Digital Asset Manager, you can store all of your creative assets (pictures, photographs, videos, logos, etc.) in a single location.  Rather than ask your creative professionals to search their own hard drives or email inboxes for the right asset, or even worse, risk your assets’ integrity by allowing external partners and freelancers to manage them, you can simply create a central repository where the right version of each asset is stored.

Give Color to your Marketing and Creative Teams

With the right tools, your marketing and creative teams can produce a masterpiece every time.  Learn more in this e-book: Online Collaborative Proofing and Asset Management: Must-Haves for Marketing.

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