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Guilty as Charged: How Email Killed your Marketing

By BLUE Software

Chances are, your Marketing department is invested in multiple projects: videos, email campaigns, sales collateral, advertising, content marketing… and the list goes on.

And for each project, there are discussion threads about creative briefs, creative reviews, and approvals – all housed in, you guessed it: the email inbox.  Unfortunately, the email inbox is not a nice place for these discussion threads to live.  For one, they compete for attention against newsletters, “spammy” lead gen campaigns, and every other email cc: from every non-Marketing discussion held ever.

And even worse, while the content of these emails may include game changing creative direction:

“Make it red, not blue!”

The direction is given without the asset in sight.  This sets off a series of additional emails in the chain:

Email #1: “Make what red?  The shirt on the left?”

Email #2: “Yes, the shirt on the left.  But now I’m worried that if we make that shirt red, the image takes on a holiday feel.”

Email #3: “I think it does.  Besides, didn’t we use red shirts in the last promotion?”

Email #4: “And P.S. I think the client said to avoid the colors blue and red in an election year.  Let me see if I can find that email.”

Email #5: “Right.  So let’s go with more of a maroon.”

Email #6: “Oh!  I have a great idea.  What if we didn’t feature the shirts at all, but went with dresses instead?  You know, like the ones from the catalog cover last month.  Do you have that file?”

You get the picture.

With such an ineffective feedback loop at work, it’s hard to meet your creative deadlines.  And it stifles your creativity to boot.  A creator’s canvas is the digital asset itself, not a description in an email.

This is where BLUE Software’s Marketing Project Management technology comes in.  With online collaborative proofing features, multiple project stakeholders can access a single online platform in BLUE to make comments and give feedback directly on the creative asset itself.  This allows your projects to move forward faster.  And because you’re capturing all project stakeholders’ feedback, comments, (and moments of creative genius!) in one easy, online place, your projects also move forward in a clear, unified direction.  Perhaps best of all, there’s no longer a need to search through email threads to track asset revisions.  BLUE manages version history, so you know exactly what was changed in each asset, when, and by whom.

Yes, email killed Marketing.  But you can bring it back to life.  Contact the experts at BLUE today to discuss how our Marketing Project Management technology can help.

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