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Don’t Just Create a Label Better. Create a Better Label.

By BLUE Software

With product complexity on the rise, attempts to control supply chain and marketing costs through scale and mass-market strategies no longer yield the necessary business results. Therefore, organizations are quickly turning to technology applications that create packaging label efficiencies as an avenue of available savings. However, selecting the right technology platform can be tough.

We’ve found the most important thing to remember during the technology evaluation process is that Label and Artwork Management is about more than just project management. In other words, successful companies approach their search from the vantage point of, “We want to create a better label,” not just, “We want to create a label better.”

For example, while functionality that organizes projects and manages communications will increase the self-sufficiency of your teams, it alone won’t help you meet compliance regulations or adhere to your brand standards. And while task assignments and to-do list features may reduce busy work, these features by themselves won’t verify your barcodes are accurate. So what does this mean for you and your business? What steps can you take to “create a better label?”

To create real packaging label efficiencies, you need to select a Label and Artwork Management solution, not just a project management solution. A fast, simple way to ensure you’re on the right track is to ask the following questions:

  • Can I proof large, high-resolution, multi-layer artwork files (including video files and 3-D files)?
  • Can I track change history and compare artwork against previous versions?
  • Can I review barcodes, color separations, and content against brand standards?
  • Can I make artwork annotations in multiple languages?
  • Can I hide unnecessary layers to see clearly into artwork?
  • Can I manage the approval process for artwork files so stakeholders always know where the final, “master” assets are located?
  • Can I create process templates for label and artwork projects?
  • Can I access a project management dashboard and generate interactive reports to evaluate whether my label and artwork process performance is efficient?
  • Can I share final, approved label and artwork files with printers, vendors, and other key stakeholders?
  • Can I create custom, flexible fields to capture and track data specific to my business?

Learn how to create a better label. Download BLUE’s free User Requirements Checklist for Pharmaceutical and Medical Device and Consumer Goods companies.