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Why You Should Connect your Information Supply Chain Right Now

By BLUE Software

Accurate, real-time information is the lifeblood of smoothly operating, efficient companies. A critical challenge facing the worlds’ leading product companies today is the clear, unobstructed flow of this information. Through email, intranets, databases, hardware, and software, information moves across departments, buildings, cities, regions, and suppliers to its end destination: consumers, shoppers, or patients.  Some call the integration of these systems and databases the “Information Supply Chain.”

By enabling Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Content Management Systems (CMS) to “talk to each other,” large organizations are able to achieve efficiencies in their Information Supply Chain and keep their bottom lines healthy:

  • Reduced manual data entry (and therefore errors)
  • Reduced duplication of effort
  • Reduced manual coordination of status updates and inventories
  • Reduced risk of stock-outs (and therefore lost revenue)
  • Increased accuracy of decision-critical information
  • Better decision-making, informed by real-time data

Perhaps most compelling, companies can even reduce the risk of recall from shipping product with obsolete labels or expired artwork.

With the Information Supply Chain becoming as business-critical as a company’s Commercial Supply Chain, it’s important for marketing, and packaging in particular, to understand whether their artwork system of record can integrate into their company’s central flow of information. At some point, a department using a solution that doesn’t integrate well into other major systems may be forced to use a less specialized, less effective platform.

BLUE is the premier Label and Artwork Management software to embed into your company’s existing PLM, ERP, and CMS, featuring bi-directional triggers and multi-field integration. We even have a special service ready to go called BLUE Connect, that helps achieve a continuous Information Supply Chain and facilitate this flow for our customers.

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