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BLUE™ Enables Global Product Launches for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

By BLUE Software

The Johnson & Johnson Challenge

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (JJVC) was looking for a better way to manage promotional material and artwork for both their professional and consumer markets. Especially important in the selection criteria was the solution’s ability to launch a product globally and retain consistency. With regulatory compliance as a requirement, JJVC already had processes in place, but wanted more efficiency and visibility into these processes.


The BLUE Solution

JJVC chose BLUE™ to provide project management of labeling, inserts, and promotional material such as ads, flash cards, posters, and brochures. Launching a global solution was a significant undertaking, and JJVC knew training was a critical part of the launch. Therefore, a resource from JJVC along with a resource from BLUE provided in-person training globally to ensure everyone received the necessary training. And, since the BLUE launch several years ago, the BLUE team has continued to provide on-going training and support to the JJVC global user base.

In addition, regulatory requirements meant JJVC required a fully validated site, and JJVC leveraged the BLUE team to provide this expertise. As an SDS hosted solution, BLUE passed JJVC’s validation, audit, and security requirements.


The Results

In use today in more than 50 countries by 900 users, BLUE managed 3,700 projects last year – a steady increase since the solution was launched. The BLUE Digital Asset Manager is used as a global repository, and some 7,500 downloads are performed a year.

The BLUE site continues to be managed under strict change control, a requirement for a validated site. All changes are planned, tested, and tracked in a highly controlled manner.

Key Performance Indicators for project performance, potential bottlenecks, and site usage are tracked and provide insights into possible areas for process improvement.

“It was important to us to find a solution that had the flexibility to manage our global harmonized process and accommodate regional variations. Equally important was to have a partner who could demonstrate their ability to manage the solution under strict change control and provide the on-going training and support we require, and the BLUE team continues to do this on a daily basis.”
– Giovanni Abruzzini, Senior Franchise Director (2008 – 2012)
Consumer & Professional Global Marketing, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care