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Where in the World is BLUE?

By BLUE Software

BLUE is putting the "global" in "global Label and Artwork Management." our users are located in more than 80 countries around the world!

When you enter the reception area in BLUE’s Chicago office, you might mistakenly assume the suitcases on the floor are just another unique piece of BLUE’s décor – kind of like the kitchen’s massive dry erase wall or the skeleton that sits in the Marketing lounge (that team is clever AND edgy).  But the truth is that luggage is not a part of BLUE’s interior design aesthetic. Rather, those suitcases signal the impending departures of BLUE team members who are on their way to yet another BLUE adventure.

You see, the BLUE team works at an accelerated pace and at an elevated level, with an undeterred focus on our customers’ needs, our partners’ opportunities, and our prospects’ goals. In 20 years, we’ve grown into the leading global Label and Artwork Management technology provider, and the 5,000+ marketing, retail, CPG, and life sciences organizations that rely on us to achieve cost savings in label and artwork production and improve speed to market are located in 80+ countries.  This means from Lima to London… from Singapore to Sydney… and from Chicago to Shanghai, you can find BLUE users setting automated project workflows, proofing label and artwork online, retrieving official brand assets for use, and measuring each stage of the end-to-end label and artwork production process for continuous improvement.

One reason industry leaders turn to BLUE as their global Label and Artwork Management solution provider is that BLUE thrives in complex environments.  Workflow participants in multiple locations?  No problem.  BLUE unites all label and artwork stakeholders (internal teams, design agencies, premedia companies, and printers) across all locations into a single workflow management platform – providing complete transparency into the label and artwork workflow process and full accountability for each stage of production.

Stakeholders speak multiple languages?  No problem.  BLUE users can proof label and artwork assets online from any location, and in their own language.  In fact, the solution features 11 languages from which to choose.

Need to protect brand integrity in multiple geographies?  No problem.  Our Digital Asset Manager was designed specifically to help global brands instill better global control over the brand strategy process by providing visibility over all global brand assets – from design to distribution and archiving, including approval tracking and rights management.

Thanks to our innovative product team, our dedicated client services groups, our enthusiastic sales team, our brilliant marketing minds*, and our tireless support team, BLUE has achieved some remarkable results in some remarkable locations.

Learn more about our global foootprint and read our Label and Artwork Management customer success stories.

* Also edgy, see first paragraph!