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BLUE Software Introduces Dynamic Workflow

By BLUE Software

Assignment Engine and Automated Proofreading With Latest BLUE™ Release

CHICAGO, IL, November 13, 2015—BLUE Software, LLC, developers of BLUE™, the leader in Label and Artwork Management software-as-a-service (SaaS), recently announced the release of BLUE 3.8 to drive the enterprise software market forward with robust capabilities and in response to customer demand. BLUE 3.8 includes breakthrough Dynamic Workflow, innovative Assignment Engine, and fully integrated Text and Image Compare (automated proofreading and display of differences).

“For the first time ever, project managers can adapt their processes in real-time with Dynamic Workflow,” said BLUE’s Chief Technology Officer Stephen Kaufman. “The ability to deftly copy, bypass, suspend, and delete tasks without disrupting the entire project is a feature you won’t find in other enterprise software platforms.” BLUE’s Dynamic Workflow uniquely enables users to adjust tasks independently of other workflow steps, without restarting the entire workflow.

Kaufman continued, “With the level of process complexity facing global companies today, this new function helps our users adapt to their changing internal organizations as well as their changing marketplaces, with agility, to keep their business on track.” Version 3.8 marks Kaufman’s first release since reuniting with BLUE in March. Kaufman was one of the originators of the product to support key customers, including Unilever.

BLUE’s new, dynamic Assignment Engine can automatically give tasks to individuals based not only on their role, but based on the individuals’ permissions and skills. This can be powerful when a project manager needs approval from different departments, but may not know the name of the right person within each department from whom to seek approval. Trying to find the right people to sign off could significantly delay a complex project, but BLUE can now instantly assign tasks to the right people based on attributes like region, language and skillset, encoding what is commonly tribal knowledge.

Automated proofreading, such as text compare (automatic identifying of differences in copy) is now fully integrated in this new 3.8 version. Deviations from text compare are reflected in a unified audit trail, visible to all users in the project workflow in real-time. Online Proofing now includes the capability to validate a bar code’s GTIN, and project managers can access more granular key performance indicator (KPI) Reports. Copy Management now allows administrators to preset a copy element sequence for a product line, re-sequence copy elements, and export copy to a PDF.

In addition to new software capabilities, BLUE 3.8 runs on a new, faster ingestion engine that allows for a more extensive range of file formats, is more scalable, and provides improved color matching. This upgraded ingestion component fully leverages BLUE’s enhanced private cloud architecture.

“We are very excited to release innovative, new features and functions more frequently than ever before. We will never get comfortable in our position as market leader. We’re always pushing our cloud based SaaS platform to conquer more of the complexities that exist for our clients in the challenging Brand Life Cycle management space,” said Scott A. Strong, Chief Executive Officer.

Dynamic Workflow was a notable topic at the last BLUE User Conference in Chicago, where major Consumer Packaged Goods and Pharmaceutical companies gathered to share ideas and innovations for the market. With the release of version 3.8, BLUE delivered on customer requests for this powerful capability. BLUE 3.8 is available to new and upgrading BLUE users.

BLUE Software develops Label and Artwork Management software to help global marketing, life sciences, FMCG/CPG, and retail companies achieve global visibility into the business processes that drive the execution and compliance of their brands efficiently across media worldwide. Its robust, enterprise-level software as a service (SaaS) platform BLUE™ enables more than 81,000 users and 3,100 companies worldwide to work smarter every day with automated workflow, online proofing, digital asset library, and additional modules.